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You're not bonking, you are dehydrated!

During exercise you lose water and salt through sweat. When this happens, your blood plasma (the watery part of your blood) also drops. With less water in your blood, the blood becomes more viscous making it harder for it to flow to where you want it to go. This causes an increase in heart rate, lower power production and a greater rise in core temperature, all of which leads to fatigue and reduced performance. 

NBS Hydration uses the latest scientific research from Dr. Stacy Sims to work with your body's physiology to help guard against dehydration caused by exercise and extreme heat. Our formula contains the exact types of sugars and electrolytes in the proper ratios to ensure you hydrate your body on the cellular level, and get to the finish line faster. 

Ingredient List
NBS Hydration Ingredients Organic sucrose, organic dextrose monohydrate powder, trisodium citrate, organic fruit juice powder (Lemon & Pomegranate), calcium citrate, citric acid, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, ascorbic acid

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NBS Hydration - 40 Servings

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