Pillars of NBS Nutrition

  • Evidence Based

    Breakthrough Nutrition partnered with a leading research scientist in sports nutrition to bring you formulas that were built in the lab and proven in the field. 

    Science Ahead
  • High Quality Ingredients

    NBS Nutrition is formulated with the high quality ingredients. No fillers or flow agents, just pure ingredients to help you Push YOUR Potential. 

    In The Mix
  • Cost Effective Pricing

    Why does high quality sports nutrition have to cost so much? It doesn't! NBS Nutrition is here to prove this and help save money for other things like race fees. 

    Save Here
  • Fuel Like A Girl

    What started with women are not small men has evolved into a worldwide mission. Whether it is grassroots efforts with clubs & teams or supporting elite female athletes at the highest level in sport, our aim is to help you #FuelLikeAGirl!

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NBS nutrition was created to shift the paradigm of sports nutrition by taking out all of the bullsh*t that surrounds the industry.

Nearly all sports nutrition products are identical. The same raw ingredients from the same manufacturers, wrapped up in different packaging. These products are then pushed on the consumer using various marketing strategies, which often include "marketing science." 

In 2016 Breakthrough Nutrition partnered with Dr. Stacy Sims for a single goal: Bring athletes a cost effective product founded in real science that uses the highest quality ingredients. From this goal NBS Nutrition was born.

NBS Nutrition uses the most recent research to bring athletes a line of hydration and recovery products formulated to work with their respective physiology. Each product has either gender specific formulas or gender specific usage instructions.

High quality no longer means high prices. NBS Nutrition saves your hard-earned money for other things like gadgets, toys and race fees.

Our Partners 

Cypress Running Club
Thirsty Bear Cycling
Skunk Works Racing
Coeur Sports
Central Ohio Triathlon Club
Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching
E3 Endurance Training and Coaching
Queens of Dirt
Triad Triathlon Team
Hagens Berman Supermint
Team Amazing Day
Liza Coaching
Kim Geist Coaching



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